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The company has over 300 sets of variety kinds of machines with 16 advanced automatic production lines, these automatic production lines include 5 fully-automatic lines and 3 semi-automatic lines for angle steel fabrication, 2 digitally-controlled lines for angle steel-drilling, 4 fully-automatic lines for steel plates and 2 digitally-controlled lines for drilling plates, all these ensure that the work is done with precision. 

In addition to these angle steel machinery, the company owns one 14-long digitally-controlled plasma cutting line, one digitally-controlled bending machine with the hydraulic pressure of 2x1200 tons for the fabrication of tubes with minimum diameter as small as 0.15m, one digitally-controlled bending machine with the hydraulic pressure of3500-ton for thetube with the diameter as large as 3.6m, the hydraulic pressure of 3500 tons can bend 60mm-thick steel plates, all these tubes are used for monopole, square pole, cylinder pole and poly-prrismatic pole, the poles are erected in more than ten 10 countries such as the Philippines, South Africa, Nigeria, Sudan ,Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia and other countries. 

For the galvanization, there are two hot-dip galvanization lines with the latest advanced technology, using high-efficient and environment-friendly electric heating with automatic control and regulation of the working temperature. The galvanization tank is 13m long and 1.5m wide with the depth of 2.6, the air of the workshop is filtered by the most-advanced German dust-removing equipment, that makes the production environment cleaner, waste water and other waster matters are recycled by recycling system and realize zero discharge of waste gas, waste water and solid wastes. 

In addition to the hot-dip galvanization, there are two sets of vacuumed sheradization equipment to coat bolts and nuts with zinc, the zinc-coating is much evenly penetrated and distributed with clean threads matching, as matter of fact, the sheradized bolts and nuts are better in fighting again the corrosion with much much-longer life cycle than the hot-dip galvanized bolts and nuts, these bolts and nuts are usually required for the use in the coastal area and marine steel structures.

Quality Control, Testing Instrument and Equipment

The company has complete and perfect testing instrument and quality control measures, Inspections are conducted on the delivered material and the finished products to ensure the quality delivery to the clients, in 2009, German  Chemical Composition Spectrum Analyzer was imported in the factory to introduce a revolutionary new way to verify the chemical compositions of steel material.