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Guangdong He-Fa Steel Towers Company Limited was founded in 1993, occupying a total area of 83 thousand square meters with workshop areas of 70.5 thousand square meters. Guangdong Hefa Steel Towers Company Limited finds itself seated in the delta center of the Pearl River with the beautiful and attractive South China Nanguo Taoyuan and Nanhai TV-Cinema World under CCTV around , the company looking toward on Guihe Road running through the urban area to the south from the north with easy access to the following 3 express high-ways to Guangzhou-Foshan Express Way, Foshan-Kaiping Express Way, Guangzhou-Sanshui Express Way, flanked by Guangzhou Metropolitan with 10Km distance on the east and by Foshan City with 15Km distance on the west. The company could offers all the necessary services to customers with its advanced machinery and completes facilities and shall become the top choice for its good location, easy transportation and short distance to the marine port and the airport. 

The Main Product

The company could yearly manufacture 100 thousand tons of the steel structures and deliver 200 thousand tons per year for the hot-dip galvanize steel parts, the followings are the main products of the company:

Angle steel towers for power transmission under 750KV loading and below,

Tubular tower for power transmission under 500KV loading and below

Electric pole, cross arms and steel structure for power substation under 500KV loading and below 

Steel pole and structure parts for power transmission of 220KV loading and below 

Telecommunication towers of variety kinds

Hot-dip galvanized or sheradized bolts and nuts, 

Galvanizing and Sheradizing various steel structure and steel parts for clients

Delivery Record

Over 300 thousand tons of steel towers, electric poles and substation structures are handed over to the clients for the power transmission with different power voltages, at the same time, more than 50 thousand tons of telecom towers and poles are turned over for telecommunication operations, the steel towers and steel poles from He-Fa Steel Towers are not only widely found across China, but also highly extensively accepted in the such countries as Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines , South African region, West African region, Sudan, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania. Cote de Ivoire, Congo, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India and Indonesia and other countries since the company was founded in 1993. In 2007,The electric towers was even accepted by the demanding Korean Power Company . 

Landmark Work 

In 2003, the tower carrying the first conductor in the history as much large as 4X720mm2 for each phase, was successfully fabricated by the company and delivered for Huizhou 500KV DC-AC transform substation to Hengli double-circuit AC power distribution substation under Priority Project of Guangdong Grid  

In 2005, 120m power transmission tower, weighing 500 tons each tower with the code as SKT721B, was fabricated by the company and perfectly erected to carry the power cables straight across the wide West River for 500KV power transmission lines between Taishan and Xiangshan under the Priority Project of Guangdong Grid, this success has also signified that the company has become the leading manufacturer for its structure technical expertise and comprehensive strength. 

ERP Management System

As early as in 2005, the company started to test-run ERP management system, after one year of test and fine-tuning, the a whole computerized management system was built, in Oct of 2006,this ERP system has been fully applied the on every aspects of the production, warehousing, sales, human resources, equipment, tracking the whole product process  from the contract review to the warehouse entry of the finished products and to warehouse exit of the finished products.

Human Resources

The company employs nearly 500 people, technical staff are 80 people, including 50 senior and intermediate engineers, in addition to the above, 40 QC control and inspectors work together with nearly 300 well-skilled workers under  30-strong management team for the company.